Legislation Filed To Protect Oklahomans On Roadways

Oklahoma State Capitol Building

Photo: Getty Images

Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, has filed three pieces of legislation he says will protect Oklahoma drivers from unnecessary headaches on the road.

Senate Bill 82 would prohibit law enforcement entities from requiring officers, justices, or judges to fulfill traffic citation quotas.

“At the end of each month, and especially nearing the end of the year, many Oklahomans are concerned about receiving a traffic ticket due to an arbitrary ‘quota’ that traffic officers are forced to meet,” Dahm said. “This bill will ensure that law enforcement officers are free to protect and serve our communities instead of being pushed to bolster revenue.”

SB 84 would prohibit the use of red light cameras, which take photos of vehicles that pass through intersections during a red light.

“Research indicates that in some cases accidents increased after red light cameras were installed,” Dahm said. “In some instances, municipalities shortened the yellow light to increase the chance of catching someone on a red-light violation, thus increasing revenue. Such blatant disregard for public safety just to generate more revenue is unacceptable and should not be allowed in our state.”

SB 83 would ban the detention, interdiction, or other disparate treatment of an individual solely on the basis that the person drives or rides on a motorcycle or wears motorcycle-related clothing or paraphernalia.

“Disparate treatment based on clothing or vehicle type doesn’t make our roadways any safer,” Dahm said. “Law enforcement must have a reasonable and articulable suspicion to justify a detention or investigatory stop of a motorcyclist.”

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