Tulsa Zoo Welcomes New Female Chimpanzee

Photo: Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo is welcoming a new addition to its troop, Zuri, a 10-year-old female chimpanzee from Los Angeles Zoo. She came to Tulsa Zoo through participation in the AZA Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan.

“We have successfully introduced Zuri to the full troop and have seen many positive behaviors toward her from the other chimps,” said Tulsa Zookeeper Mo O’Leary. “These behaviors include grooming, excited vocalizations, embraces and kissing, as well as other reassurances. It has been amazing to watch her transformation from hesitant to open and engaging as a member of the troop.”

The current troop is comprised of alpha Bernsen, Enloe, Jodi, Leia, Morris, Susie and Zuri. Susie is mother to Bernsen and Morris, the former alpha. Jodi is mother to Enloe. Tulsa Zoo hopes Zuri chooses to breed with one of the male chimpanzees.

The Chimpanzee troop is visible to guests at Tulsa Zoo’s Chimpanzee Connection exhibit. The habitat has both indoor and outdoor viewing. Zuri may choose to remain behind the scenes at times as she continues to adjust to her new environment.

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