Dahm Files Legislation To Fight Gender Ideology

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Exterior View

Photo: Getty Images

Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, has filed legislation to fight what he calls the dangerous and destructive woke gender ideology of the left.

“For years, Senate leadership has dismissed the threat that the left’s gender ideology poses to our state,” Dahm said. “However, with instances of ‘family friendly’ drag shows, drag queen story hours, and the discovery of the gender transition program at OU Medical, it’s past time we stop this craziness. The following bills will provide Senate leadership with a way to fulfill the promises made during special session and end the practice of gender destruction in our state.”

Senate Bill 250 would prohibit Medicaid providers from receiving reimbursement through Medicaid if they offer gender transition services. It also prohibits any state funding from being used to fund such services.

“Our state should not condone genital mutilation, much less fund it,” Dahm said. “These are elective procedures at best, and we should certainly not be subsidizing them.”

SB 251 states that the only permissible applications of the terms or definitions of “gender” or “sex” shall be male (XY), female (XX), and intersex for those born with a mutation causing such an abnormality.

“We follow the science in this state,” Dahm said. “Your feelings do not dictate your biological makeup.”

SB 252 would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from receiving gender reassignment surgery.

“If those under the age of eighteen don’t have the mental capacity to vote, drink, or smoke, they certainly should not be making irreversible decisions to mutilate and destroy their body,” Dahm said. “In Oklahoma, we are going to protect children from those who would prey on their insecurities for profit.”

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