Oklahoma Man Pleads Guilty To Triple Murder

Photo: Getty Images

An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to a killing spree that involved him cutting out a women's heart and trying to serve it to his aunt and uncle. As part of the plea agreement, Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks says punishment of Lawrence Anderson can never be modified.

"That's done to ensure that there is never an opportunity for him to be released," said Hicks. "I don't want him on television.

As part of the deal, Anderson agreed to stay quiet to prevent him from becoming a celebrity. "I don't want him writing a book. I don't want him to financial profit from any of this," said Hicks.

Anderson received five life sentences. Authorities say Anderson killed a woman in 2021 and then cut out her heart, cooked it and attempted to feed it to his aunt and uncle, before killing his uncle and four-year-old granddaughter and injuring his aunt.

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