No Threat Found On University Of Oklahoma Campus

There were reports of a possible active shooter at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. The University tweeted, "there is an active shooter at the Van Vleet Oval. Take immediate action now. Run. Hide. Fight!"

A short time later the university posted another tweet, "OUPD investigating possible shots fired on Norman campus. Avoid South Oval area. Shelter in place."

A number of law enforcement officers from various agencies converged on the campus to search nearby buildings and the grounds, but were not able to find anything.

OU police later said, "OUPD has issued an ALL CLEAR. After a thorough search, no threat was found. There is no threat to campus. Alert has been canceled."

"We did a thorough search of the library and the adjacent area and found no threats - no evidence that any shooting had occurred," said O-U Police Chief Nate Tarver.

"We are very glad that there were no casualties and no injuries to anyone," said Tarver.

O-U Police Chief Nate Tarver says it is unclear whether the call was a hoax or whether something else was heard to prompt the call. They found confetti that may have been from party poppers in front of the library, but they don't know whether there is any connection.

"I commend our OUPD officers and law enforcement from across the area for their swift response tonight. Our officers took immediate action, our emergency protocols worked, and our community was kept informed. Campus is safe," said University of Oklahoma President Joseph Harroz, Jr. "I am grateful to our OU Family for staying alert, and for the care and concern shown to our community from near and far."

An investigation continues.

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