Tulsa City Officials Provide Update On Storm Relief Efforts

Tulsa officials say the extent of damage across the city is extensive after storms packing up to 100 mph winds ripped across Tulsa over the weekend.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum says crews have been working around the clock to clear downed trees and debris from roadways and PSO has been actively working to get power restored.

At one point more than half of the city's homes and businesses were without power and PSO says it could be Saturday before everyone has power restored.

There have also been long lines at gas stations and some stations were not able to provide fuel. The city says it is working with QuikTrip and other providers to improve the availability.

"So, the director of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, which is over this response, was here with us yesterday (Sunday) on site, and I visited with him again this afternoon," said Bynum. "I've sent the governor an update on what we're doing, my understanding is he is out of the country on a government economic trip. I've visited back and forth with Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell, who is acting governor of the state right now, to make sure he is properly briefed on this... we've provided them all the material they need for the declaration of an emergency and we're hopeful to have that any day."

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