Crews Work Around The Clock To Restore Power Following Oklahoma Storms

OG&E crews repair power poles and transmission lines in Oklahoma City after 85 mph winds and severe storms impacted the service area on Saturday evening. Photo: OG&E

Utility crews continue to work around the clock to restore service to customers who lost power during the weekend storms.

OG&E says as of 11:30 a.m., 92% of customers who experienced an outage following Saturday night’s storms have been restored. More than 4,000 operations personnel continue to restore power for those customers whose homes and businesses can accept power.

To date, the damage from the storm has been extensive and we have shipped nearly 2,000 crossarms, 68 miles of wire and 366 poles across the service area to repair grid damage from the storms. We ask that the public avoid areas impacted by the storms so our crews can work safely and quickly to restore power to customers without electricity.

Once they have repaired the power grid, OG&E says it will prioritize restoration for the community's essential services, such as hospitals, police stations, fire departments, public works and other critical infrastructure. As those facilities come online, we will turn our attention to individual homes and businesses experiencing an outage.

PSO says it is continuing to work to restore power to their customers who lost service. More than 118,000 homes and businesses in Tulsa were without service as of 11:30 a.m. Officials say some of the customers may not have power restored until Saturday.

Statewide, 149,242 homes and businesses were without power statewide as of 11:30 a.m.

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