Trump Slams Hurd For Lincoln Dinner Comments


Former US president and 2024 Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at the Republican Party of Iowa's 2023 Lincoln Dinner at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa, on July 28, 2023. Photo: SERGIO FLORES / AFP / Getty Images

Former President Trump is slamming Former Texas Representative Will Hurd, who is now running for president, for comments Hurd made during the GOP Lincoln Dinner on Friday night.

During the dinner, Hurd said Trump was only running for president "to stay out of prison." His comments received boos and heckling from audience members, but Hurd went on to say if voters elect Trump, they're going to get President Biden for another four years. Hurd has been sharply critical of Trump in the past, arguing that he's unfit for another term in the White House.

Trump responded on Truth Social with the following statement, "In Iowa last night I noticed that a little known, failed former Congressman, Will Hurd, is ridiculously running for President. He quit Congress because it would have been impossible for him to win in his district - he did a really bad job. Anyway, he got SERIOUSLY booed off the stage when he said I was running to stay out of jail. Wrong, if I wasn't running, or running and doing badly (like him and Christie!), with no chance to win, these prosecutions would never have been brought or happened."

Hurd responded in a post on "X". Hurd said, "Donald, I served on the front lines of the war on terror, then in Congress. I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for America. You turned down your opportunity over some bone spurs and then applauded an assault on America on Jan. 6."

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