Governor Stitt Launches Artificial Intelligence Task Force

AI chatbot - Artificial Intelligence digital concept

Photo: Vertigo3d / E+ / Getty Images

Governor Kevin Stitt is launching a new Artificial Intelligence Task Force to study the potential uses, benefits and security vulnerabilities of artificial intelligence and generative artificial intelligence.. Stitt says its part of his plan to modernize government operations. In addition, the task force will be asked to look into how schools and businesses in the state can benefit with AI with a goal of developing a workforce that can compete on a global level.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize the way our society operates,” said Governor Stitt. “The private sector is already finding ways to use it to increase efficiency. Potential exists for the government to use AI to root out inefficiencies and duplicate regulations, and it is an essential piece of developing a workforce that can compete on a global level.”

The AI task force will study, evaluate and develop policy and administrative recommendations for the deployment of AI and GenAI and report their findings to the governor by December 31, 2023. The order also calls on directors of all state agencies to charge one person on their team with becoming an AI and GenAI expert.

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