Oklahoma Senate Approves Bill To Eliminate State Taxes On Groceries

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Photo: yulkapopkova / E+ / Getty Images

The Oklahoma State Senate has approved a bill that will eliminate the state's portion of taxes on groceries. Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat says city or county grocery taxes are not affected.

The bill also contains a provision the puts a moratorium on local tax hikes for one year after the state tax goes away. The bill was a carry-over from last session, clearing the House last year, so the measure now heads to Governor Kevin Stitt's desk.

"Today, we get to fulfill a promise to all four million Oklahomans and pass the largest single year tax cut in Oklahoma history. Cutting the grocery tax means relief for all Oklahomans," said Governor Stitt. "I’ve called for tax cuts since 2019 and in 2022 I called a special session specifically to cut the grocery tax. I want to thank Speaker McCall and the House for tirelessly fighting for tax cuts, and to Pro Tem Treat and the Senate for sending this to my desk. I’m going to always fight for limited government and lower taxes, and I will still advocate to get us on path to zero income tax. This is a victory I’m excited to celebrate."

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