Where Tornado Victims Can Find Help

Hurricane relief truck

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Help is being made available in the aftermath of the devastating tornado that hit Barnsdall and Bartlesville.


If victims are in need of shelter, they can go to the Osage County Fairgrounds (320 Skyline Drive, Pawhuska, OK) for temporary shelter.

In Bartlesville, the B the Light Mission at 219 N. Virginia Ave. is also being offered as a place to seek shelter, while the Salvation Army has set up a mobile unit at Wilson Elementary School to provide meals

American Red Cross:

Victims can request assistance by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief:

Those interested in making tax-deductible contributions to help storm victims and relief efforts can go OKDisasterHelp.org/donate. If you or a loved one suffered storm damage, you can request assistance on the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief website.

Veterans Disaster Assistance:

Veterans impacted by the recent storms may be eligible for an Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs Emergency Assistance Grant.


Report Damages:

Residents are asked to report damages to their property.

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management


Insurance Claims Assistance:

The Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) provides guidance for the insurance claims process, and consumer inquiries and assistance if a claim is not been handled appropriately.



Photo: icholakov / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

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