Storm Recovery Efforts Continue

Storm recovery efforts are continuing in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management says the state has submitted a request for FEMA assistance for Pontotoc and Osage counties. Four people in Oklahoma have died in severe storms since April 25th, including one person following a tornado in Barnsdall earlier this week.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt got a first hand look at the devastation left behind in Osage County by what is being called a "low-end" EF4 tornado on Monday night.

While touring Barnsdall, Governor Stitt said, "when you see this type of damage it is just heartbreaking. You don't know how anybody could have survived."

"As a lifelong Oklahoman, sometimes when you don't experience this or see it, you don't have an appreciation for how bad this can be," said Stitt."

During Stitt's visit, Barnsdall Mayor Johnny Kelley had a message for his town, "we are hear for you, and anything that you need and anything that we need to do to help you, we will do everything in our power to help you and to make sure our citizens are taken care of."

One person died in the storm and another man is still missing. Mayor Kelley says as many as 40 homes were destroyed and a nursing home and refinery were damaged.

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