Tulsa Wreck Blamed On Chihuahua

Its not every day a wreck is blamed on a Chihuahua, but that's what happened this morning in Tulsa.

Police were called out to an injury crash on 21st just east of Lewis. When they arrived, they found a truck had crashed into a power pole. The driver of the truck was complaining of chest pain and was very concerned about what happened to his chihuahua that was with him at the time of the crash.

Officers found the Chihuahua unresponsive in the floorboard of the pickup. EMSA and Tulsa Fire arrived on the scene and began treating the driver, while Officers began checking on the dog. The dog had a laceration on the head. Paramedics began treating the dog and eventually the dog started moving.

The driver was taken to a hospital, along with his dog, and it appears as though both will make a full recovery.

The driver said the Chihuahua jumped into his lap while he was driving, which caused him to collide with the power pole.

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