Michael is celebrating his 40th year in radio this year – and a remarkable 35th year in talk radio.

Michael, along with his faithful listeners, has raised over a million and a half dollars for the Nashville Rescue Mission (homeless and life recovery center), tens of thousands for the Special Forces Charitable Trust (support for our green berets), and Preborn Mission (providing free ultrasounds for expecting Mother’s along with support after life choice).

He has been featured nationwide as a fill-in host for Neal Boortz, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage. Michael now has his own multi-market program airing 5-8am cent (6-9am Est) on iHeart stations, including 88.3/1510 WLAC in Nashville.

Michael has worked in New Orleans, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and for the last 16 years in Nashville. His 2004 book “Standing Up For What’s Right” looks in depth at the many issues he talks about on air.

Michael’s motto is “so much information, so little understanding!” Michael is known for his clever wit and sharp understanding of current events--which makes him a formidable opponent in any political discussion.

He considers his career highlight…right now! iHeart’s symbol is a heart, I love my work home and all I serve and who support me. The reason his show name is ‘Your Morning Show” is because it is just that! Listeners are invited to tune in and participate, BECAUSE, “we are all in this together!”

Michael also hosts a podcast, along with his long time show contributor David Zanotti, called “1850 main street” that can be heard three times weekly on iHeart.

When he's not out chasing down the truth, you can find him spending time with his family or rooting on his favorite sports teams. Michael and his wife of twenty-three years reside in Franklin, Tennessee, with their 19-year-old identical twin daughters and 17-year-old son.